Education Alumni Alliance

Education alumni, are you looking for a way to promote USF in your classroom? Do you have an upcoming college day at your school and want us to provide you with goodies for your students? Let us assist! The Alumni & Family Relations Office can help you do all of the above if you’ll take a moment to fill out our form below. But first, take USF’s virtual tour here!

Education Alumni Alliance
An ambassador will:
  • Act as a liaison between USF and your school
  • Keep workroom/bulletin boards stocked with current USF materials
  • Keep the COE informed of any school and/or community events where our presence might be helpful
  • Advertise USF news and events on your social media pages
What will USF do for you?
  • Provide a “Getting Started Goodie Package”
  • Make sure you have up-to-date materials and information about all professional development opportunities at USF
  • Host a celebratory “debriefing” and social gathering
  • Provide free admission to all REAL-hosted professional development events
  • Learn more about the College of Education and REAL programs