At the University of St. Francis, theology is approached as a science of faith whereby reason inquires into divinely revealed truth. Theology prepares a student to better understand his or her faith and therefore better serve the Church and live that faith. Rooted in tradition, the study of theology helps students answer the fundamental questions of human existence, providing a foundation upon which one can deal with the spiritual and ethical questions of the modern world.

USF theology majors receive a firm foundation in the basic knowledge and awareness regarding the religious nature of the human person in relationship to God. In this pursuit, students will gain a broad exposure into the history of religious expression and belief, particularly that of the Roman Catholic Church.

Emphasis is on Scripture, tradition, Catholic Church doctrine, and the application of ethics and morality to everyday life. While the focus is on Roman Catholicism, the interrelationships with other Christian denominations and non-Christian religions are also pursued in a spirit of ecumenism.


  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Teaching Ministry


  • Franciscan Service
  • Theology


The University of St. Francis is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.


“USF has given me an unforgettable experience. Faculty members have allowed me to grow both intellectually and as a person. Each professor has supported me and my goals, and was more than willing to help me achieve anything I set my mind to. I was pushed and motivated to learn, grow, and become a better person. This incredible support system has surrounded me with an incredible group of colleagues, mentors, and friends.”
–Autumn Lee

What Can You Do With This Degree?

A degree in theology can lead to a variety of careers in ministry or counseling. There is a wide choice of options in Church ministry for those with the right qualifications. A number of USF alumni are currently working in parish youth ministry, Catholic school teaching and parish ministry. Theology majors who instead wish to pursue careers in counseling may find fulfillment by helping people with a number of issues such as marital and family conflicts, mental health, and personal problems. Since people’s religious beliefs play a significant role in their lives, a strong theological background can make one a more effective counselor. The program can also prepare students for graduate work or for ordination.

Grow Through Real-World Experience

Many students come to USF with a specific ministry mind. Internships help students gain hands-on experience and best determine the focus they wish their work to take. Additionally, the university hosts many opportunities for studying abroad, with some programs visiting locations such as Assisi, Rome and the Holy Lands.

University Ministry also allows students to carry out their calling to serve at home and abroad in agencies in need. Each May, students participate in a mission trip to Sucre, Bolivia, where they work in orphanages, hospitals and prisons. Other students serve as Peer Ministers in USF’s residence halls, providing students with values-based programs, service opportunities and a supportive ear.

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