Making the Most of COBHA’s
"3-to-Degree" Program

3 to degree program with COBHAUSF’s College of Business & Health Administration offers a “3-to-Degree” program for business students to earn their master’s degree in five years. This means students can complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously.

If interested in this program it is important to get started as soon as possible, since beginning junior year, students can take up to nine credit hours of graduate classes that count towards both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

According to Shannon Brown, interim dean for the College of Business & Health Administration, “Continuing to get your master’s degree through this program would yield a cost of only $16,000-$17,000 for one more year, depending on what degree you are obtaining.”

Wondering why you should take advantage of this program? Brown explained, “50% of the U.S. has an undergraduate degree. Getting a master’s degree gives a differentiator.”

Getting a master’s degree not only helps graduates stand out from the masses, but also provides a better chance of obtaining better job opportunities. If you are an athlete, this program also provides the perfect opportunity to maintain eligibility.

There’s a lot of flexibility with many master’s programs to choose from, including the MBA, M.S. in Health Administration, M.S. in Management, and M.S. in Training & Development—with courses delivered face-to-face, and online in synchronous and asynchronous formats.

Applying to this program is easy with current enrollment at USF. However, if students have a business minor their course load will have to be checked to see if they qualify. Additionally, graduate admissions exams (GRE, GMAT) will not have to be taken.

COBHA’s 3-to-Degree Program saves both time and money. If you are interested or have any questions, you can reach out to Jeanne Washburn, assistant dean of the College of Business & Health Administration, at or 815-740-3591. You can also reach out to Shannon Brown, interim dean for the College of Business & Health Administration, at