Academic Advising Center Orientation

The University values the connection and relationship between the student and academic advisor. The Academic Advising Center coordinates the academic advising and registration of new students, undergraduate and graduate, and provides information and assistance to students applying for credit for prior learning.

The Academic Advising Center also provides new students a transcript evaluation for previously earned credit that includes general education and major requirements fulfilling degree requirements. In addition, information and guidance is provided to enrolled students seeking credit from nationally recognized assessment programs (CLEP and DANTES) or credit for non-traditional learning experiences.

Each student is emailed a copy of their individualized Academic Degree Plan (ADP). The purpose of the ADP is to provide you with several pieces of information. In general, an ADP shows:

Adult Undergraduate

  • The number of semester hours (s.h.) USF has accepted from previous institutions towards your degree (a maximum of 80 s.h. will be accepted from community college and/or diploma programs).
  • The number of semester hours you need to complete in order to earn your degree. Each student must complete a total of 128 s.h. (this is a combination of hours transferred in and the number of hours you need to take) in order to complete a Bachelor’s degree. These hours are broken down by:
    • General education hours
    • Required hours for your core program
    • The minimum number of elective hours within your core program
    • The number of additional elective hours needed to reach 128 s.h.
    • The list of the required courses within your degree program. All courses are 3 s.h. unless indicated otherwise.
    • The list of the elective courses within your degree program.
    • The list of the general education courses within your degree program. Some of your general education courses can be satisfied with transfer credit except those that are marked USF, which must be taken at USF as they are mission driven courses.


  • The list of pre-requisite credit, if needed, within your degree program. Some pre-requisite credit can be satisfied with transfer credit.
  • The list of required courses within your degree.
  • The number of hours that you need to complete in order to earn your degree. The total hours needed is a combination of pre-requisite and required credit.

All students have access to the MyUSF Portal. The portal provides single sign on access via the USF website to all of USF’s services. These services include your class schedule, online courses, email, financial aid, billing, registration, library and much more. All students are emailed their username and password within 48 hours of registering for classes. This email goes to your preferred email account and comes from our USF Technology account. This email also provides you with your St. Francis email account. We encourage all new students to view our short tutorial on how to navigate our portal.

The university uses Blackboard to deliver its online courses. Access to classes opens on the date the course is assigned to start. You will access your online class by first logging into you MyUSF Portal, then clicking on the title of your course in the online learning area, which is located on your student page of the portal. If you have never taken an online course before, we have provided some resources to help get you started.

You can visit to:

  • View the Online Learning Demo
  • Download the Student User Guide
  • View the How-to Guides
  • Learn about additional resources

You can order your textbooks by logging into the portal and clicking on the “order textbook” link on the student page of your portal. When you click on this link, the system will know which courses you are registered for and will bring up just the textbooks that you need. You can then select the books and proceed through checkout. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact the bookstore at (800) 729-2700.

Your bill will be emailed to your St. Francis email account approximately two weeks before the semester starts. If you are receiving tuition reimbursement from your employer, we provide an opportunity for students to defer their payment. If you are not receiving tuition reimbursement, we provide an opportunity for students to make payments on their tuition. The deferment/payment plan form will be attached to the billing email and is also available within your portal.

If you are planning on applying for financial aid you will need to complete your FAFSA (visit our financial aid website for further details). Once you have applied, you will be able to monitor its progress and accept your award through your MyUSF Portal. If you have any questions regarding financial aid, please contact them at (866) 890-8331.

Each student is assigned an academic advisor within his or her major to assist with educational planning, academic advising and registration. You can determine who your advisor is by logging into the MyUSF Portal and clicking on the Personal Info tab where his/her name is listed along with their contact information.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact either your Academic Advisor (located in your portal) or the Academic Advising Center by emailing or calling 866-890-8353.