Student Insurance

The University of St. Francis promotes student wellness and, to the extent possible, prevention of sickness and injury while students are here at the university. We want to ensure students receive the medical care and treatment they need, and moreover, have the ability to pay for these services.

Because so many students come to school without health insurance, USF requires all full-time (12 credit hours or more) undergraduate students have health insurance coverage. Please review your Health Insurance Plan to determine if it will provide coverage while your student attends the University of St. Francis.

The University of St. Francis uses a highly regarded health insurance company to provide student health insurance coverage and the cost of this plan is automatically added to your tuition statement. If you have other comparable coverage, please complete the online portal health insurance waiver process. Completion of the waiver process will eliminate the insurance cost from your tuition statement.

The online waiver MUST be completed by September 1, or you WILL be charged for the student health insurance. Simply submitting an insurance card to the Wellness Center or the Athletic Trainer does NOT constitute completion of the waiver process.

The yearly health and athlete insurance has been offered at a very reasonable cost with rates comparable or less expensive than what most employers offer. 

The 2022-23 insurance cost will be $1,912 for non-athletes and $2,312 for athletes. Half of the premium is paid in the fall with the other half paid in the spring. If you utilize this insurance for the fall semester you cannot drop insurance for the spring semester unless you are graduating at that time. You may choose to maintain health insurance independently or purchase the University health insurance plan. 

Is the parent’s plan an HMO or PPO?

Health insurance under an HMO or PPO program often limits benefits for out of network medical treatment. Please verify with your health plan provider what is covered while your student is away at school. Benefits may be limited!

Is this plan ACA Compliant?

Yes, this plan is compliant with the Affordable Care Act. We do not deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and there are no monetary limits in coverage.

What if I find a cheaper plan through the exchange?

If you find a plan that comes to less than $100 per month for the student, then, yes, it might be a good idea to use the exchange. However, we feel our plan is a quality one for a very reasonable cost in today’s health care market.

Can I keep the student on a parent’s plan?

Yes, you can. Most plans, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, allows parents to keep children on their plans until they reach the age of 26. However, if placing a child on the student insurance plan allows the parent to move from a family plan to a single or a single plus 1 plan, the savings might be more than the $1,261 per year that you would pay.

Why do athletes pay more?

Athletes are at a greater risk for injury. We have supplemental insurance for athletes when out of pocket expenses exist. Athletes are 100% covered for all injuries that occur in games or at practices. No money comes out of pocket for any athlete that is injured under these conditions. Because of this, even athletes who waive the student health insurance still pay a $400 administrative fee to help defer the cost of the intercollegiate sports coverage.

Is there any other additional coverage you provide?

Yes, all full-time undergraduate students are covered for any injury that may occur while on campus grounds or at a university event. It is a blanket accidental coverage plan that the university provides each student. Non-athletic injuries are covered up to $15,000, and athletic injuries are covered up to $5,000 before the intercollegiate sports coverage covers the difference. Athletes who are injured and on a parent’s plan have the parent’s plan as the primary insurance with the accidental coverage paying the difference.

How to Apply?

Coverage is automatically billed to full time undergraduate students and is included on the tuition billing statement unless you submit insurance waiver information online at

How does the student get his ID card?

The student can access their printable ID card by going to the following website:

Follow the prompts after entering the University of St. Francis as the School Name