Application Status

Where are you in the admission process?

Find out where your admission application stands by using the MyUSF Portal. Just log in and take a look at what items we have, and what items you still need to submit in order to be admitted to the University of St. Francis.

If you don’t remember your login ID or password, or did not receive a login ID or password, contact your personal admission counselor.

How do I know I am accepted?

The University of St. Francis admits students in three ways:

  1. Direct Admission: You are fully admitted to the university as a student because you meet every Admission Criteria.
  2. Direct Admission (per College): You are automatically admitted not only to the university, but also to the college program of your choice, such as being admitted directly into the Nursing or Business programs.
  3. Conditional Admission: You are admitted to USF, but you will have a few extra supporting structures in place to help you be successful.

At USF the Admissions Committee reviews applications for freshman admission that do not fall within the guidelines for direct admission.

Conditional Admission means you have not earned the GPA or test score that allows for direct admission, but USF still believes you are a strong candidate and a good fit for your academic program at USF.  At your time of commitment and enrollment, our Academic Resource Center will assist you in meeting these conditions and go over any other conditions that will help you be successful and ultimately graduate from USF!

There are usually three conditions you will need to be met:

  • You will be limited to 14 credit hours your first semester. The limit of 14 hours is specified to help you avoid the problems that can arise when students new to college register for too many classes at one time. A full-time class load ranges from 12 to 18 hours; by limiting yourself to 14 hours, you give yourself time to concentrate on being a successful student in each of your classes.
  • You will need to earn a 2.0 (C) grade point average in at least 12 hours at the end of your first semester so that you may continue your enrollment. The first condition is designed to assist you in meeting this goal.
  • Academic Coaching: This program connects the student to the Academic Resource Center by implementing status check-ups throughout the semester to insure students are making positive progress in their studies.


  • Academic Achievement Seminar: This is a course that helps guide and build the skills and behaviors essential to being a successful student. The class size is small, which allows students to experience frequent interaction with the instructor and other students in the class.

Successful completion of these requirements, after one semester, will satisfy your conditional admission. Beginning with the second semester, you, like all other students, will be subject to the academic policies and standards as listed in the University Catalog.