Mathematics permeates virtually every intellectual discipline. Carl Friedrich Gauss called mathematics the “queen of the sciences” and indeed, it forms an integral part of scientific thought and is a necessary component of contemporary advances in all scientific fields. Mathematics majors are analytical, detail-oriented and methodical.

It’s a great time to be a mathematician! The career outlook for mathematicians is favorable and healthy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary for mathematicians and statisticians as $84,760 with a projected 33 percent increase in employment by 2026.

The mathematics program at the University of St. Francis exposes students to the various topics in undergraduate mathematics along with analytical skills to continue lifelong learning and application of mathematics. Dedicated faculty members get excited about innovations in technology and education and bring both to their classrooms. They also work closely with their students to cultivate a student’s personal interest.


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The University of St. Francis is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.


“My undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Education have helped to shape me as a mathematics teacher. I am grateful for the challenges, support and opportunities I received to explore and learn more about the field of mathematics. I had already fallen in love with mathematics, but discovered more at USF and that made it even more important to me. I hope to inspire and challenge my own students just like the professors at St. Francis have inspired and challenged me!”

– Irma Sandoval

What Can You Do With This Degree?

Mathematics finds wide application in diverse fields such as economics, business, science, social science, art and education. There are a variety of careers you can
pursue, including actuarial science, biomathematics, computer science, cryptography, data science, education, finance, operations research, statistics and more. Having a math degree will also help you get into many types of graduate schools, including medical, law and business. According to the Law School Admissions Council, the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Profile of GMAT Candidates, math majors score the highest on LSAT, MCAT and GMAT entrance exams.

Grow Through Real-World Experience

Through summer research grants and the “Aftermath” math club, University of St. Francis mathematics students have the opportunity to attend conferences and
participate by giving presentations of their research. Extracurricular activities for mathematics students have included trips to Fermilab (Batavia, Ill.) and the Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago). Students also participate in the Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance, which is a consortium that was created to promote research and education in biomathematics.

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