FAQs – REAL at University of St. Francis

Q: What is the tuition rate for courses offered through REAL?
Current tuition information for courses offered through REAL (prefix EEND, REAL, RECT, or REND) can be found at stfrancis.edu/real/tuition.
Q: Are courses offered through REAL eligible for financial aid?
Courses offered through REAL (prefix EEND, REAL, RECT, and REND) are not eligible for federal financial assistance. Courses may be eligible for a payment plan or deferred billing option (if school/district is providing reimbursement). More information can be found at stfrancis.edu/real/tuition
Q: How do I register for a course?
REAL offers flexible and accessible programming with a registration process that can be completed in under 60 seconds. Educators registering for REAL courses (prefix EEND, REAL, RECT, and REND) simply locate a course title and select the blue date links for the corresponding application. A brief application will open for the course and then just complete and submit. No application, transcripts, or test scores are required for courses offered through REAL as candidates are classified as special (non-degree seeking) graduate students.

**Degree-seeking candidates who need to register for courses other than those with prefix EEND, REAL, RECT, or REND may register online through their MyUSF Student Account.**
Q: My district/school requires pre-approval, where can I find the syllabus for my course?
Sample syllabi for most courses can be found online: Syllabi – Overview by Course. Actual course syllabi with detailed assignments are made available on the first day of the course.
Q: How do I change or drop a course in which I am currently enrolled?
The drop process for courses in which you are currently enrolled must be completed online using our self-service option – drop requests via phone or email are not accepted.

Candidates may request to drop a REAL course (prefix EEND, REAL, RECT, and REND) by visiting stfrancis.edu/real/drop
Q: Is USF regionally or nationally accredited?
The University of St. Francis is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the College of Education is nationally accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).
The following FAQs are addressed in detail on our Getting Started page at

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Q: Where can I find information on textbooks or materials required for a course?
Q: How do I pay my tuition bill?