Safety, Security & Transportation

Parking Alert

To the University Community

The City of Joliet is working hard to remove the snow from the public streets after this recent snowfall. We have observed several vehicles parked on the streets surrounding the campus that are heavily snow covered.

The Joliet Police Department has an ordinance that allows officers to ticket and/or tow vehicles that are parked on the street, whenever the snow is 2 inches or more. Up to this time, the City has been very lenient with our campus community in the issuance of such parking tickets. However, we have learned they will be issuing tickets for such violations beginning soon. A word to the wise. It might be to your best advantage to move your vehicle, if you are parking on the public street and fit the criteria mentioned above.

If you must park on the street due to the lots being full, please make sure that you park as close to the curb as possible so that you provide enough space for an ambulance or fire truck to get by.

Please avoid parking on Glenwood Avenue between Whitney and Wilcox.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Joe Kripp

Director of Safety, Security and Transportation


Safety, Security & Transportation

Our trained Security Officers are a friendly, professional and visible presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week. USF officers are an unarmed informational force and have jurisdiction in all areas of campus. They are in direct communication with the Joliet Police Department and Joliet Fire Department and call upon their assistance when needed. The department is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure learning, teaching and working environment at the University of St. Francis.

No matter how effective the University’s security procedures may be the primary responsibility for safety and security falls upon each and every one of us. No police force or set of rules and regulations can be effective unless the individual exercises reasonable caution and awareness. Safety and Security is everyone’s responsibility.


Mission Statement

The Safety and Security & Transportaion Department is proud to be University Ambassadors to promote Community, Safety and Service.


Contact Info

Safety and Security is located in Tower Hall, TG-20
Please contact Safety and Security at 815-740-3200 with any questions

In an emergency situation Security can be reached by dialing ext. 3200 on any campus telephone. Once a call is received, an officer is immediately dispatched to the site.

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