As a University of St. Francis freshman, you can be sure that your college experience will start on the right foot. We will work closely with you through the application, admissions, and financial aid processes, so you can relax and fully enjoy the experience of becoming a new college student. Our success as a university is found with your success as a USF student, so know that you can rely on USF to provide you with the best higher education programs available.

This is a great time in your life, and we are sure you will find USF to be the right choice for your college needs.

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Admission Requirements

You need to provide high school transcripts, and these must show successful completion in a college prep curriculum which includes the following:

  • English – 4 years
  • Mathematics – 3 years (Geometry and two additional courses including one full year of Algebra I or its equivalent or any other courses above Algebra I)
  • Social Studies – 2 years
  • Science – 2 years (one with lab)
  • Foreign Language or Computer Science or Music/Art – 3 years (Courses from two of the three areas) Electives – 3 years

And then answer these questions:

  • Do you have a 2.5/4.0 cumulative grade point average?
  • Do you have a 20 ACT/1020 SAT score?

Congratulations! If all of the above are true, you meet the Automatic Admission requirements for the University of St. Francis. Don’t hesitate, apply right away.

If you do not meet the above requirements, there are other entrance options. Please contact for more information.

Admission Resources

Freshman Counselor Travel/Visit Dates


If you don’t see your school listed and you want a USF counselor to visit, email with the subject line of “VISIT ME!” and we’ll arrange it.