Student Alumni Mentoring Program (SAM)

picture of a couple dozen alumni mentors.
This program was established in 2012 to bring students and alumni together to help pave the way for students to succeed at USF and beyond. It also provides our alumni with great reason to stay engaged with their alma mater! We hope you can share what you learned as a USF student and in your professional career to those students following in your footsteps. For students, we hope you will learn from the successes of those former students who graduated before you.

SAM runs seven months (October through April) during each academic year and partners with our Career Success Center creating a robust program for both students and alumni. View our “Road Map to Success” to see what kind of relationship this fosters and events we host.

SAM Award Nomination Form

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Alumni Mentors

An alumni mentor is a guide, friend, and resource who shares educational and professional experiences to provide career guidance and professional contacts. Alumni mentors are partnered with students based on similar career paths, interests, and goals.

* For current mentors:
Commitment Contract  |  Mentor Binder Content

* Apply to be a mentor:
New Mentors:  Online Form | PDF Form
Returning Mentors (applicable to this year’s mentors only):  Online Form | PDF Form

Alumni mentors make a difference in students’ lives. As a mentor, you will be:

  • A motivator – Express believe and confidence in the mentee’s abilities and encourage the mentee to try new things.
  • A resource – Teach and advise the mentee about making professional contacts and introduce the mentee to new people, places, or ideas.
  • A supporter – Encourage open and honest dialogue. Listen and respond to the needs of the mentee.
  • A coach – Help the mentee develop and find ways to achieve realistic and meaningful goals.

Mentor Requirements

  • Attend up to three events per academic year
  • Attend mandatory Induction Dinner on Oct. 18
  • Commit to a minimum of one conversation a month in person, via email, phone, text, etc.
  • Must be a USF graduate
  • Must be currently employed


Student Mentees

Students will be partnered with an alum whose education and career closely matches the student’s to gain direction and potential career goals and connections.

* For current mentees:
Commitment Contract  |  Mentee Binder Content

* Apply to be a mentee:
New Mentees:  Online Form  |  PDF Form
Returning Mentees (applicable to this year’s mentees only):  Online Form | PDF Form

As a mentee, you will:

  • Build a professional network
  • Develop and enhance professional and communication skills
  • Connect your academics to your career goals
  • Receive career guidance from USF alumni
  • Explore new ideas and areas of interest
  • Gain exposure to career options, advice, and job search tips

Mentee Requirements

  • Attend up to three events per academic year
  • Attend mandatory Induction Dinner on Oct. 18
  • Commit to a minimum of one conversation a month in person, via email, phone, text, etc.
  • Must be currently enrolled as a USF student

2015-16 Alumni Mentors

Heather Anderson ’96
Mary Ann Andrade-Bekker ’07
Amy Balas ’91
DeWitt Buchanan ’89
Samantha Bush ’11
Art Carpenter ’91
Keith Conroy ’86
Jerian Dixon-Evans ’10
Joseph Ferrallo ’85, ’06, ’07
John Greenan ’01, ’04
Christina Grabavoy ’11, ’14
Kaylene Hackman ’14
Richard Halberg ’80
Lisa Hendrickson ’13
Megan Kelly ’03
David Lawrence
Mary Ann Leodoro ’15
Danielle Martin ’08
Erika Martinez ’11, ’15
Michelle Miller ’13
Jamie Mcormack ’01
Adam Mutsch ’10
Tara Peterson ’88
Mark Pierce ’02, ’04
Sarah Puleo ’05, ’10
Amanda Quinn ’02
Corey Richardson ’09
Abigail Robertson ’14
Lori Russ ’95
Keith Schomig ’13
Erik Sternisha ’03
Teressa Sworsky ’09
Charles Szoke ’78
Jeff Ullian ’99, ’08
Jason Whiteside ’00

2015-16 Student Menteees

*Distinguished Leadership

Alex Campos*
Beatriz Canelo
Kristen Cates
Lauren Douglas
Daniel Frantz
Medelia Garcia
Krystal Garritson
Janelle Gedmin
Jeremy Grachan
Karen Guzman
Munira Kapasi
Morgan Karwaski-Flaherty
Sarah Klawitter
Eric Kubacki
Samantha Launius*
Blanca Limon*
Myra Limon
Zhi Liu*
Jacqueline Lopez
Matthew Lough
Raquel Montoya
Jeffry Nichols
Lani Nykrin
Janet Oduro
Ulises Ornelas
Lucas Randall
Taylor Ringo*
Abby Rohrbaugh
Peter Rufo
Samantha Schneider*
Marilynn Tape
Shannon Walker
Erayna Wright
Luke Wyss*
Alissa Zanelli*


picture of alumni mentor Alan Randolph. “SAM has helped me to connect-to-purpose with my mentees as to why University of St. Francis is such a special place, how our school is truly different than other institutions of higher learning and most importantly, once you graduate, you are always part of the USF family. It is our responsibility as alumni to pay it forward to current students, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the SAM process and working with current and future USF alumni.”

– Alan Randolph ’07, Alumni Mentor

picture of mentee Laura Munoz Lopez. “Joining the Student Alumni Mentoring program was one of the best decisions I have made while at USF. I was able to connect with a mentor on a personal and professional level, allowing me to develop my own skills.”

– Laura Munoz Lopez, Student Mentee

For more information, please contact the Alumni & Family Relations Office at 877-811-ALUM or