ELAP Curriculum

All ELAP courses focus on essential academic skills such as
Speaking & Listening, Reading & Vocabulary, Writing, and Grammar. Full-time ELAP students are enrolled in at least 20 hours of intensive English study each week.

Required Courses*
ELAP Level I
Reading & Vocabulary I (6 hours)
Writing I (4 hours)
Listening & Speaking I (6 hours)
Grammar I (4 hours)

Reading & Vocabulary II (6 hours)
Writing II (4 hours)
Listening & Speaking II (6 hours)
Grammar II (4 hours)

Reading & Vocabulary III (6 hours)
Writing III (4 hours)
Listening & Speaking III (6 hours)
Grammar III (4 hours)


Elective Courses (availability varies)
– English for Business Studies
– Directed Study and Readings – Undergraduate
– Directed Study and Readings – Graduate
– Pronunciation

* Students who initially place in ELAP level II or III courses are not required to complete the Level I coursework.
* In the Fall (August) and Spring (January) semesters, each ELAP course meets for 15 weeks. During the Summer (May) semester, each ELAP course meets for 13 weeks.


Please see the course descriptions below for
detailed course and elective information.