ELAP Curriculum

All ELAP courses focus on essential academic skills such as
Speaking & Listening, Reading & Vocabulary, Writing, and Grammar. Full-time ELAP students are enrolled in at least 20 hours of intensive English study each week.

Required Courses*
ELAP Level I
Reading & Vocabulary I (6 hours)
Writing I (4 hours)
Listening & Speaking I (6 hours)
Grammar I (4 hours)

Reading & Vocabulary II (6 hours)
Writing II (4 hours)
Listening & Speaking II (6 hours)
Grammar II (4 hours)

Reading & Vocabulary III (6 hours)
Writing III (4 hours)
Listening & Speaking III (6 hours)
Grammar III (4 hours)


Elective Courses (availability varies)
– English for Business Studies
– Directed Study and Readings – Undergraduate
– Directed Study and Readings – Graduate
– Pronunciation

* Students who initially place in ELAP level II or III courses are not required to complete the Level I coursework.
* In the Fall (August) and Spring (January) semesters, each ELAP course meets for 15 weeks. During the Summer (May) semester, each ELAP course meets for 13 weeks.
*Students must earn a “C” grade or higher in each ELAP class in order to move to the next level. Students must receive “C” or higher grades in all 4 of the required ELAP Level III courses in order to be eligible for academic programs at USF.


Please see the course descriptions below for
detailed course and elective information.