Health and Physical Education Courses

Policy changes affecting individuals enrolling in courses with prefix EEND, REAL, RECT, or REND.

  • Drop requests must be submitted by 4 p.m. on the fifth business day (M-F) of the course to receive a refund of tuition paid/owed for the course. Accelerated format courses (running for less than 8 weeks) must be dropped on or before the first day of class.
  • Effective with Spring Semester 2019 registration, full payment of course tuition will be required during the registration process for all courses with a prefix of EEND, REAL, RECT and REND.

Course Titles, Dates, and Registration

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Health Education Courses
EEND 730 School Health Curriculum and Evaluation (3 credit hours)
EEND 731 Mental and Emotional Health in Education (3 credit hours)
EEND 732 Nutrition in Education (3 credit hours)
EEND 733 Drug Education (3 credit hours)
EEND 734 Teaching Personal Health (3 credit hours)
EEND 735 Environmental Health in the Classroom (3 credit hours)
EEND 736 Disease Prevention in Education (3 credit hours)
EEND 737 Teaching Human Sexuality in Education (3 credit hours)
Physical Education Courses
EEND 738 Assessment & Evaluation in Physical Education (3 credit hours)
Important Information and Policies
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ISBE Requirements for Health Education
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